The Fastest MicroSD Cards

These are the results of our speed test, sorted by writespeed performance. Click the bold tableheaders to make your own sorting.

Product GoClass Writespeed MB/s Readspeed MB/s
1. Transcend Micro SD 2 GB G7 7.61 16.82

All SD Micro Cards

Product GoClass Writespeed Readspeed
Transcend Micro SD 2 GB G7 7.61 MB/s 16.82 MB/s

Test Method

We tested the SD Micro cards with a SanDisk ImageMate All-in-One USB 2.0 Card Reader and CrystalDiskMark 3.0 x64. The software ran five 1000MB write- and readtests on the product. We noted the fastest results. Results can differ per computer, so we use the same hard- and software on every test. The fastest results on our system, will be the fastest on yours as well. Products with less than 1GB of memory are tested with 100MB files which might have better results compared to 1.000MB files.

1GB is normally 1.024MB. Vendors however, count 1GB as 1.000MB. We count the same way vendors do.